Mai Fujimoto
Co-Founder of INTMAX
Mai Fujimoto, is a trailblazing figure in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Involved in the crypto space since 2011, Mai has significantly contributed to the industry's development. She launched Japan Blockchain Week, the largest blockchain conference in Japan, and serves as an advisor to the Japan Blockchain Association.

Mai has founded several impactful projects, including Japan's first cryptocurrency donation platform, "KIZUNA," a blockchain-focused recruitment and career support company, "withB," and a blockchain consulting firm, "Gracone." Her efforts have been pivotal in promoting blockchain technology and fostering a supportive environment for its growth in Japan and beyond.

Currently based in Switzerland, Mai co-founded INTMAX, a Layer 2 solution for Ethereum, where she is engaged in pioneering new innovations. Her work focuses on leveraging blockchain for social impact and driving advancements in financial technology.

With a strong presence in the blockchain community, Mai frequently speaks at global conferences and events, sharing her insights on the future of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and its applications in various industries. Her contributions have been instrumental in promoting the adoption and understanding of blockchain technology.
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31st July, Wednesday
11:50- 12:00
11:50- 12:00
Mai Fujimoto, Co-Founder of INTMAX
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