Barry Whitehat
Ethereum Foundation
Barry Whitehat is a distinguished researcher at the Ethereum Foundation, known for his pioneering work in zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) and privacy solutions within the blockchain space. With a profound interest in advancing the scalability and security of Ethereum, Barry has significantly contributed to the development of cutting-edge cryptographic techniques.

Barry's research focuses on zk-rollups, privacy in EVM-based applications, and innovative primitives for Ethereum. He is deeply involved in addressing data availability issues and developing solutions to prevent block withholding attacks. His work on the "Blob" concept aims to solve these challenges, offering promising advancements for the future of decentralized applications.

Barry has actively participated in numerous conferences and workshops, sharing his insights on the limitations and potential of privacy technologies in blockchain. His contributions have not only enhanced the technical capabilities of Ethereum but also promoted a more secure and efficient decentralized ecosystem.
For more information about Barry Whitehat's work and insights, visit his GitHub page
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31st July, Wednesday
How to make successful Plasma
Barry Whitehat, Ethereum Foundation
Leona Hioki, Co-Founder of INTMAX
​Jack Saracco, Co-Founder Latamex
Herman Stohniiev, JibX
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